While we bake and cook for our health and well being we have to complement our body with proper exercises for easy digestion and complete nourishment.  With number of exercises available we need to do at least two or three everyday. If you feel that you are too lazy, mind you walking as an exercise is easy as eating.

Walking vs Running

Some of us may ask; is walking better than running?  According to studies, both walking and running promotes positive effects but physical benefits of walking has its own beauty because of its non- pressured activity as no special skills needed to accomplish the entire lap. In addition it is risk and injury free.  Studies conducted by researchers in the Life Science Division at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory shows however that running as a vigorous exercise is better than walking as a moderate physical activity if you want to achieve physical body weight and contour target at the shortest time.  However, in later years (after 6 years) of study a significant difference had been found by researchers.   For every MET h/d, which is a standard measure of metabolic energy expenditure, regular walkers had a significant data output.  It appears that in the long terms of committed walking, 7.2 % decreased risk for high blood pressure compared to 4.2% that of the runners; 7% decreased risk on high cholesterol than 4.3% for runners; 12.3% reduced risk in diabetes than 12.1% for runners and lastly, walkers has 9.3% low risk than a runner who has 4.5% risk of cardiovascular heart disease.  What an amazing power walking benefits if everyone commits faithfully and be motivated to the health benefits of walking daily.

The health effects of walking

Walking as exercise benefits anyone regardless of age and circumstances.  The beautiful aspect of walking is that it is part of the daily life.  Intentionally or unintentionally weather its just a short walk going to the fridge or a way of transport from one block to another, we can still consider it as an exercise. For those people whose body is physically challenged, walking is in fact included in functional training.  One of the walking benefits for women is, it can beat breast cancer.    Since calories can be burned depending on the distance of the walk, benefits of walking for weight loss should be considered.  You may check Calorie Calculator  below or you may google sites with Free calorie calculator to know how many calories do you burn walking.  In addition Photo credit: canstockphoto.comto abovementioned, below are some of the wonderful walking benefits:


  1. According to American Heart Association, research shown that the benefits of walking and moderate physical activity for at least 30 minutes a day can help you: Reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. Improve blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Improve blood lipid profile.
  2. Immune System booster
  3. Stress reliever – Walking is also the best time to find solitude, diverts your attention to something else and gives you an opportunity to think.
  4. Can delay aging as it tones the skin and strengthen joints and bones preventing osteoarthritis; and shapes up belly,
  5. Good for the brain
  6. Protects against dementia
  7. Protects the risk of cancer and diabetes
  8. Heals insomnia
  9. Helps you live longer
  10. Good opportunity to network if not make friends

Walking considerations

Now that we know walking is not simply a daily routine but a sort of exercise that promotes good health, we should support this activity properly in order to continually sustain our agility.

    • Commit to walk at least 30 minutes or more a day for your physical and mental health ( recommended to reduce risks of heart disease, type II diabetes, breast cancer and colon cancer)
    • Prepare yourself for walking, making sure that your feet will not get hurt; wear comfortable shoes. You may check for best walking shoes (either for office or simply for a long stroll).  There are also walking shoes women available in the market.  Amazon.com has the cheapest and reliable shoes you can choose from.  I would suggest doctor recommended ASICS for women and ASICS for men walking shoes.


For women

For Men


  • Walk properly
  • Eat food rich in potassium and calcium for your bones, carbohydrates for weight loss and energy, fats (low fats) for endurance and immunity, vitamins and minerals for energy (like Vitamin B for muscle repair, Iron for red blood cells and body oxygen, and Zinc for cleaning your blood from carbon dioxides).  There are some recipes you may include in your daily food plans.
  • Drink plenty of water and blend some fruit juices to keep you hydrated
  • For working individual, strive to walk inside your office instead of asking your colleague to bring that printed paper for you.  According to research, longtime sitting of 11 hours per day increased the risk of death by 40%.

Creative and cheaper walking ideasPhoto credit to canstockphoto.com

  • Do errands for others
  • Bake and cook without any assistants so you will tend to reach your ingredients by yourself
  • Think ways of making money out of walking.  You may consider pet walking business, delivery services or paid mystery shopper services.  You may need a website to promote your business so better equip yourself with needed training with Wealthy Affiliate and host your site personally.
  • Participate in a “fun Walk for a cause” activity
  • Park your cars or get down few meters away from your destination
  • Take stairs instead of lift
  •  Do window shopping
  • Volunteer to bring stuffs for your friends
  • Go out with friends or family for a stroll in the park or beach

Aim to walk daily for a healthy you!

Walking calculator

Check how much calorie you burn in walking.

Do you know that the longest walk on flower petals recorded in Guinness
World Record was in Thailand by the group of 1,129 Buddhist monks on January 2-28, 2014?

Monks The longest journey walking on flower petals is 453.0 km (281.48 miles) and was achieved by 1,129 Buddhist monks, who walked across Thailand on the 3rd Dhammachai Dhutanga pilgrimage to welcome the year 2014 in Thailand, between 2 and 28 January 2014. This is the third Dhammachai Dhutanga pilgrimage each having set a record in this category. As in previous years, the monks walked from temple to temple resting overnight, travelling through seven Thai provinces. They walked on marigold petals the entire time. The petals were laid out by the population along the route shortly before the arrival of the monks to ensure that were fresh. There were two separate days when they didn’t walk in order to attend Buddhist ceremonies.

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