So… you decided to take your future a step further and now you are considering to apply for a new job.    You’ve written a convincing cover letter and an impressive resume.  Now your next step is to distribute it to your target companies.  You may apply online direct from the company’s job portal, recruitment agencies, recommendations by friends or you may go walk-ins.  Among all the strategies, sending your resume electronically is the most practical medium.  It will not only save you money, but also your effort.   Emailing resume to a targeted employers has similar objective as that of a walk-in applications. Employer’s usually don’t know you and giving away your resume can either make or break the first impression of you.

Resume is like a form of advertisement that should attract a recruiter or manager of inviting you for an interview.  It’s about marketing package of yourself to get an interview.  Walk-in is something personalized and better if the organization you target is small and the manager is able to make interviews on the spot as soon you handed your resume.  But by practice, in big organization, visitors are initially filtered according to purpose by security guard and if by luck you passed the entrance, the next person you are going to meet is the approachable receptionist whom will get your resume and will tell you that she will give your paper to the recruitment team and if there is anything that matches your qualifications, they will call you. And if you insist, she will tell you to apply online as their company does not accept walk-in applicants.   Big wow right?  Nobody will care if you have printed your resume neatly, traveled long distances, hired a cab or you were tired walking from company to company just to deliver your resume personally.  If company has a policy about job applications, no applicants should insist, else it will reflect you as somebody who don’t know how to follow company’s simple rules and regulations, and for sure management don’t like oppositions, “anti’s” and “contras”.  This will then jeopardize their first impression of you.  Exciting, isn’t it?

If you are somebody who is still employed and don’t have enough vacation leaves to do the job hunting, or you are an individual with limited financial resources and familiarity of the location, then to email a resume is the best option.  You just need to google a company of your interest, find out the email addresses and if you can get the right person’s name to send your resume the better.  The best time to send emails is in the evening so that the next day, your email appears first in your recipients inbox.  The more emails you sent, depending on how your resume has represented you, the more chances of getting a call for an interview.

How to email your resume

 Here are some suggested tips on the proper ways to email your resume electronically.

  1. Make sure that your resume is clean and correct.
  2. Draft your cover letter, maximum of 3 paragraph highlighting a summary of your capabilities  and how are you going to contribute in the organization’s needs.Resume sent
  3. Strive to create an email address that will identify you, make it short and easy to write.  I suggest if you can create with your name in it like Example:  Avoid making childish email addresses like or
  4. In the TO portion, write the email address with your recipient’s name in it (company name is the next option if contact person is withheld).  You may do it by typing in the format NAME <email address>  .  Example:  Bobby Hale <>
  5. Indicate in your subject line a brief title of your email and your name in it: like for example “Application for Sales Executive – Shane Lucas”.
  6. Copy and paste your cover letter in the body of your email message.  Avoid too much bold and italic formats.  Make it simple.  Suggested font and Size:  Calibre 11 pts or Times New Roman 12 pts or Arial 12 pts.
  7. In the salutation, you may write Dear followed by the Title and name of the recipient.  Example, Dear Mr. Hale or Dear Dr. Bobby. Else putting Dear Sir/Madam is fine but always strive if possible to secure a name.
  8. Make sure to mention in your email that your resume is attached and request them to inform you should they have problem in accessing it.
  9. At the end of the letter, write your full name, then your present address, contact number and email address.
  10. Attached your resume in the email.  File format should be in MS word or PDF.   Name your resume something related to you such as yournameresume.doc (example: shanelucasresume.pdf)

 Make sure to test your email before sending by either emailing it to yourself first or to a friend so you may check if you have achieve your desired format and conveyed the message you want your receiver to read.

In my opinion, sending resume is an art but avoid too creative in your resume’s fonts ,format and sizes. Make it simple but informative, show more emphasis on your capabilities in providing solutions to an organization.

Hints everytime you create or email your resume

This mindset will help boost confidence.  Put in mind, that you are a businessman or a consultant, who markets your personal services to companies, you can help solve their problems by hiring you.  You are the best in your craft and they will regret if they loose you.  Companies must be thankful that out of many, you have chosen them to provide your service and experience business of having you in their team.

…THEN once you get hired, make sure to prove this… make them feel that they made the right decision of hiring you.  Delight them!

If you have anymore suggestions and questions, please drop your message.

Good luck.

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