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Celebrity Copycat

Getting Your Fashion Inspiration from the Stars!

In This Book, You Will Learn: Dressing Like a Star Basics, Get Inspiration From a Celebrity Most Shaped Like You, Use Celebrity Magazines, Use Accessories, Finding a Cheaper Look-A-Like Outfit

The Herbal Encyclopedia

Herbal Simples Approved for Use of Home Remedies

The art of Simpling is as old with us as the proverbial hills.  It aims at curing common ailments with simple remedies culled from the soil, or got from home resources near at hand.


101 Recipes From God’s Garden

Delicious Recipes including Soups, Juices, Salads, Sauces, Main Dishes, Breads, Grains, Sweets and Treats.

A recipe book that are inviting and sumptuous to name a few: SPLIT PEA SOUP, E-Z Vegetable SOUP, BUTTERNUT SQUASH SOUP, SLOW AND SAVORY VEGGIE SOUP and more!

Discipline Your Kid The Right Way

Wouldn’t you LOVE to have a Good Relationship With Your Children?

A complete e-book and guidelines to discipline your child and establish understanding between parents and the little ones.


Childhood Nutrition

Getting your child to eat healthy can seem like a somewhat impossible task.

In This Book, You Will Learn: The Importance of Proper Nutrition, What Nutrients are Kids Commonly Missing?, Teach Your Children to Eat Healthy, Optimal Nutrition for Kids, Meal Time for Your Kids,  And so much more…

The Art of Selling 

Learn How to Sell Anything to Anyone!

Getting into any business requires you to do one thing – sell something.  The best profits come in when you are able to sell things in the right way.


 Organizing Your Debt

Know Where Your Money Goes and Keep More of It!

You will learn:  Organize The Paper, Manage Your Money To Stay On Schedule, Check Your Statements, Use Automatic Payments, Computerize, Direct Deposit, Acquire Overdraft Protection, Get Rid Of Unused Accounts


Sex Scenario Conversations

What You Should Know About Discussing the Birds and the Bees with Your Child

Learn: Sex Talk Basics, Choosing the Right Time to Speak to your Child, Use Age Appropriate Books, Include your own Morals and Values, Encourage Questions and Open Honest Discussion, And so much more!



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