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Sending email is one of the most frequent activities in an office especially in a corporate environment.  Of all the type of communication innovations email is one of the most valuable medium that technology has ever offered. Of course nothing beats a traditional letter and signed hard copies when it comes to document authenticity.  However emails become a widespread communication because of one thing… its speed. Its integrity is now used as a valid document to instruct action equivalent to a written advice and verbal message.

Whether working in a small or big business (except for whose business belongs to email marketing), most of the office workers especially secretaries and administrative staff sent out emails with repetitive message contents.  Some examples are  invitations, sending same information to various people, sending tickets or simple answers to common questions etc.  All these need to be personalized as possible.  Writing the same email message again and again steals time and exhausting. Yes, you can copy and paste a message from your email sent items, yet it is still sometimes annoying especially if the message was already sent long time back.  You have to retrieve your sent items by either using the find options or checking each message.  There are available software in the internet that can cater this kind of needs. However if your organization is still starting out or in a tight budget to buy this kind of support, you may find below tips that can save you money and time as well.  You just need to initially invest a little effort and time to draft your message and apply all if not one of the tips below depending on your needs.


This is applicable to emails wherein it is always sent to the same (cc) recipients with almost the same message.  Example of which is an information to the department about a newly joined employee.

  • Create a folder in your email Outlook and name it like “Template” or any name meaningful to you.
  • Transfer an email message sent previously to the said folder
  • Then, when you need to send an email with the same content, retrieve the email from your “Template” folder then hit Reply All.
  • Counter check the recipients and add/ delete them if needed.
  • Edit the message if required then send.


This is my favorite as I find it easy.

  • In your MS outlook,  open a new message by ClickingHome then New E-mail
  • ClickSignature, then Signatures, then New, then type a meaningful name for your signature. Example “Ticket Copy” if you often send flight tickets to customers.
    • OR you may also use this option: ClickFile, then Options, then Mails, thenSignatures
  • Write your message in theEdit Signature space and add your company official signature if any. You may copy and paste a message from your sent items if you have already created one.
  • Save it when done. You may edit this any time you want.  You may create as many signature as you want depending on your needs.
  • Every time you need to send a new email with related message content, click Signature then click the “meaningful name” signature you have created.
  • Edit the message when required then send.


This is applicable if you want to send volume emails in one go like invitations.  This can also be personalized but unlike the above mentioned tips, attachment is not applicable because the message will be sent automatically to recipients.  Yet there are software available for this need online.

  • I recommend you make your database of recipients in MS Excel first. If you are familiar with email merge in MS Word, the same applies here the only difference is that when you hit Finish & Merge you have to click Send Email Messages 

The above will save you time and will help you get more organized as well.  Just do some editing to your message  everytime you send it.  No need for retyping sentences and paragraph thus you have shorten your process. Finally Organized

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