Hi Dazy here, I just love doing administrative tasks and I love books!  For over 10 years of exposure to office environment as Office Manager, PA, EA, Administrative Assistant, Coordinator and the like had made me understand and identified the needs and importance of having someone from behind to assist if not to complete a team’s projects.  Being a contributor to a company’s success is rewarding.  More often than not, a boss’ taps on the shoulder and a colleague’s “thank yous” gave a feeling of assurance that I mastered my craft.  Such motivations, inspired me to explore capabilities beyond four corners of a “full time” workplace.  And you know what?  This inspirations came from my love of reading and collection of information applied into action.

Why Peachtip?

Simple.  Peachtip aims to keep everyone stay informed in the form of e-books.  We are a believers of education.  People succeed not because they were famous but because they were fed with lots of information which motivates them a desire to do something.  They were not afraid to try the WHY’s because they have the HOW’s.  Some have not completed or gone to school however they keep reading and asking; molded and inspired them gradually to succeed, and once knowledge is acquired it is then multiplied when shared.

peachtipE-books as one way of staying informed, Peachtip strives to provide valuable reading materials making your reading experience enjoyable and informative.  All e-books are carefully selected and some will be shared free through our posted Articles and periodical promos and games.  We suggest you subscribe in our mailing list to stay connected with us for upcoming and exciting breakthroughs.

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Enjoy Reading!