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We offer interesting e-books and provides virtual assistance services to individual or businesses.

We believe that life is a continuous learning and assistance should be available anywhere.  These two different words, E-Books and Virtual Assistance, when combined have a common message, and that is HELP.  A help for thirst of knowledge and a helping hand to finish a certain task.  Help should be accessible everywhere to anyone even online.


Do you have any task that can be passed to someone so you can do your most important work and be productive?  We have various services available in flexible packages fit to your budget.  virtual assistantA good option than hiring a full time staff when you have financial constraints or a short term projects.  Explore this beauty and convenience of working together virtually, a collaboration of expertise for you or for your business.  How does it work?  Simple, you identify the task you want to delegate, then your VA (Virtual Assistant) will work for it as agreed.  You focus on your business, Peachtip will take care of your back office.  We deliver your desired output, you pay only the job done on per hour or per project basis.



More than 1500 e-books carefully selected are available from adventure to yard garden, parenting to business.

Book has now evolved into digital transformation, making it more accessible and even cheaper.   Our e-books are saved and downloaded in PDF file making more handy and readable on any computer and mobile devices.  To make sure that you can read our e-books, you just need to have an installed PDF reader such as Adobe or  you may google it for a free software downloads.

Will E-books replace books?  Of course  not.  Nothing can change the self-satisfaction of the tangible hard books, going over each leaves, smelling each pages and seeing it in a books shelves.    However, with internet as the wide spreading medium in sharing information, publishing a book over the net has a big advantage in reaching more readers and immediate availability.

Check out our e-book store here and enjoy the big discounts, at an affordable prices as low as $1.00.

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